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[Robert Graysmith] ☆ Zodiac: The Shocking True Story of the Hunt for the Nation's Most Elusive Serial Killer [crime PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ This book is a fast paced, well researched account of the Zodiac killer, who terrorized San Francisco in the mid to late sixtees Serial killers often get caught or give themselves up This one has remained elusive to this day The accounts of the police ivestigations, tactics, and personal reactions were well written I will always remember this book and its victims.
Without a doubt, this was the scariest book I ve ever read Maybe because its a true story Maybe because the killer was never caught Maybe because he was so darn weird In any case, I actually had a physical reaction while reading this book I developed actual goosebumps, the hair on my arms stood up, and I think my heart beat faster I plowed through this book as fast as I could because I just wanted to read Not for the faint of heart.
I literally, could not put this book down I read it in one long sleepless go True crime is one of my fav genres and there is nothing like this book This guy never got caught He wrote the paper the author worked for DARING them to catch him Giving them evidence and weird, cryptic clues The author investigates suspects himself At points you wouldn t be surprised to see him get shot at This story has EVERYTHING a crime reader would want read this book and you ll be wondering if the Zodiac is still out there Is he reading this now This book opened my eyes Before reading this, I was just a small town kid who had no idea things like this happened Not to mention in the late 60 s Graysmith is a master at weaving the tale of a mysterious being who calls himself the Zodiac The vivid descriptions and attention to detail he derives through his interviews with those involved in the case still haunt me at least once a week in my sleep Graysmith is the king of true crime in my book and a master at non fiction in general He puts you there, and I suggest all of his books and I m eagerly awaiting The Bell Tower.

This was the first book I ever read in the true crime genre After a few, I realised it was a good class act to start with This book was not a guide book for future serial killers like so many newer ones are, and has respect for the victims and family This book sets out to find out who the Zodiac killer is, and after his death, it was revealed the person GraySmith pointed his finger at was indeed the killer I don t know if it has been updated in the book since then, my version was older I loved the detective work that went with the story.
Mr Graysmith is to be commended for a thoroughly researched and beautifully written account of a truly horrific series of crimes The reader should be warned in advance that one reading leads to another the book is that fascinating If there is a fault in Graysmith s effort, it lies in his conviction that one particular suspect was responsible for the crimes and the diabolical letters written to the newspapers and police It should be noted that the Zodiac case remains unsolved A thoroughly absorbing book Four stars I read this book almost 11 years ago and I can still remember almost all of the events that happened The Zodiac has to be one of the most cunning and elusive serial killers since Jack the Ripper They both Zodiac and Jack have the destinction of never being caught The author of the book does a fantastic job of telling the tale with chilling clarity that is not often found in true crime tales any The background of the events from 1966 when the Zodiac first started killing up to the late 1960 s early 1970 s puts the reader almost into the investigators shoes of trying to catch this elusive and very intelligent killer This is a definite MUST read to any fan of true crime or mystery readers Kudo s to the author.
New York Timesbestselling Author Robert Graysmiths Investigation Of Californias Unsolved Zodiac Murders A Sexual Sadist, He Took Pleasure In Torture And Murder His First Victims Were A Teenage Couple, Stalked And Shot Dead In A Lovers Lane After Another Slaying, He Sent His First Mocking Note To Authorities, Promising He Would KillThe Official Tally Of His Victims Was Six He Claimed Thirty Seven Dead The Real Toll May Have Reached FiftyRobert Graysmith Was On Staff At The San Francisco Chronicle In When Zodiac First Struck, Triggering In The Resolute Reporter An Unrelenting Obsession With Seeing The Hooded Killer Brought To Justice In This Gripping Account Of Zodiacs Eleven Month Reign Of Terror, Graysmith Reveals Hundreds Of Facts Previously Unreleased, Including The Complete Text Of The Killers Letters

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Zodiac: The Shocking True Story of the Hunt for the Nation's Most Elusive Serial Killer book, this is one of the most wanted Robert Graysmith author readers around the world.