ï Spark: The Definitive Guide: Big data processing made simple ↠´ Download by Ð Bill Chambers

ï Spark: The Definitive Guide: Big data processing made simple ↠´ Download by Ð Bill Chambers Received a brand new copy of the book today The book is one that I was definitely looking forward to keep as a reference However, the print is very disappointing Looks like colored text was converted to light gray on a white background The code is hardly legible and shows up as something that came out of a printer dying of ink Very disappointed and hope they release better prints soon Returning back my copy The rating is for the quality of the print and not the quality of the material.
Learn How To Use, Deploy, And Maintain Apache Spark With This Comprehensive Guide, Written By The Creators Of The Open Source Cluster Computing Framework With An Emphasis On Improvements And New Features In Spark , Authors Bill Chambers And Matei Zaharia Break Down Spark Topics Into Distinct Sections, Each With Unique GoalsYoull Explore The Basic Operations And Common Functions Of Sparks Structured APIs, As Well As Structured Streaming, A New High Level API For Building End To End Streaming Applications Developers And System Administrators Will Learn The Fundamentals Of Monitoring, Tuning, And Debugging Spark, And Explore Machine Learning Techniques And Scenarios For Employing MLlib, Sparks Scalable Machine Learning LibraryGet A Gentle Overview Of Big Data And SparkLearn About DataFrames, SQL, And DatasetsSparks Core APIsthrough Worked ExamplesDive Into Sparks Low Level APIs, RDDs, And Execution Of SQL And DataFramesUnderstand How Spark Runs On A ClusterDebug, Monitor, And Tune Spark Clusters And ApplicationsLearn The Power Of Structured Streaming, Sparks Stream Processing EngineLearn How You Can Apply MLlib To A Variety Of Problems, Including Classification Or Recommendation This book presents the main Spark concepts, particularly the v2.
x Structured API in tutorial fashion using Scala and Python Much of this information is available piecemeal online, but I found it valuable to have it ordered and explained thoroughly rather than digging through stackoverflow or trying to make sense of the docs.
After presenting how Spark works and the Structured and low level RDD APIs, the book helps you deploy, monitor, and tune your application to run on a cluster There is a detailed section on Structured Streaming explaining windowing and event time processing, plus a section on advanced machine learning analytics.
Apache Spark is a powerful platform for Big Data applications that explores a lot of advanced techniques.
The book describes clearly and systematically the Spark architecture and has a lot of outstanding examplesthat help the reader to become familiar with the rather brilliant Spark programming models.
The presentation of the material is excellent and the explanations are quite supportive and help the understanding.
It is a very nice book on the very admirable Spark system s Great intro text Very detailed with lots of code samples ML section is thorough if limited in depth all code is on GitHub conceptual tuning and optimizations sections s Organization is a little choppy to understand Structured Streamimg aggregations requires jumping back and forth to aggregations section for example Copy pasting code samples is annoying Kindle for Mac is sucky resizing windows and adjusting text size breaks the flow, sometimes requiring a restart Indexing is weird and it depaginates Could use a few sections in wide vs narrow

Good way to get indepth knoledge of spark Some concepts needed some googling to clarify things, thus 4 stars Excellent book overall This is a great beginner to intermediate book on Spark The authors did an excellent job explaining concepts and gave a lot of examples in Scala and Python.
My only complaint is that you can t use Kindle Cloud Reader For a normal book it might not be an issue, but for a programming book, you d probably want to read it on your computer so you can take notes, type in examples, and search I ve bought other O Reilly books and haven t had this issue in the past this book seems to be the exception Right now you re limited to kindle apps so a table might look like this on your phone or tablet somefield anotherfield a bThe I reference this book, the I think its a big disadvantage.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Spark: The Definitive Guide: Big data processing made simple book, this is one of the most wanted Bill Chambers author readers around the world.