Ê Star Trek The Next Generation: The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D Illustrated Handbook (Star Trek Illustrated Handbooks) ☆ Download by µ Ben Robinson

Ê Star Trek The Next Generation: The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D Illustrated Handbook (Star Trek Illustrated Handbooks) ☆ Download by µ Ben Robinson This publisher has once again decided to plaster a stupid big red sticker on their cover that adds absolutely NOTHING of import to the book itself Have to start wondering if the other books they are producing are worth buying I am also considering starting to send them back because they don t match the book pictured when I ordered.
For The First Time Ever The Definitive Illustrated Guide Of Captain Picard S Enterprise D From Star Trek The Next Generation The Galaxy Class USS Enterprise NCC D, Presented In Detail Than Ever Before This Deluxe Hardcover Of Captain Picard S Enterprise Features The Ship S Operational History, Illustrations Of All The Key Locations Including The Bridge, Main Engineering And Sickbay, Equipment And Auxiliary Vehicles, Plus Explanations Of The Science And TechnologyWith Isometric Illustrations And Technical Information From Official Sources, This Book Provides An Extraordinary Reference GuideSTAR TREK ILLUSTRATED HANDbooks Is A Series Of books That Provide In Depth Profiles Of The STAR TREK Universe, Covering A Wide Range Of Topics From Individual Starships To Races Such As The Klingons Each Full Color, Heavily Illustrated Reference Work Is Packed With Isometric Illustrations, Artwork, Photographs And CG Renders, And Features Detailed Technical Information From Official Sources As with most of the Star Trek tech manuals coming out over the past few years, this one is pretty much a rehash of existing information and art work without much new to add to the genre It essentially follows the same format and flow as the original Star Trek the Next Generation Technical Manual, but then adds art work from the long defunct Star Trek Fact Files Star Trek Magazine The Fact Files artwork is first class, and if you missed collecting them before, this is a treat But the accompanying text adds nothing from the TNG Tech Manual There are many minor and some major editing mistakes, such as in the section on crew quarters where on one page it jumps from talking about Worf s personalized furniture to the next page where the sentence disjointedly continues talking about different environments the quarters can support This is a gorgeous presentation of technical reference type material for Picard s Enterprise It s a collection of entries from the Star Trek Fact Files magazine series published from 1997 2002, but that s a hard publication to find these days so for most this will all be new.
It reminds me of a combination of the old Starfleet Technical Manual and the Star Trek Blueprints of the 1970s, but in full color with a ton of images both original and drawn from the TV show and movies The ship itself is covered in exhaustive detail want to know how the Reaction Control System thrusters worked There s two pages on that as well as other technologies such as phasers, PADDs, the hypospray, etc.
I m looking forward to future entries covering the other ships of the fleet.

Having been a subscriber to Star Trek The Magazine for its full run nearly 20 years ago, I didn t expect this book to be much than a simple collection of the technical briefings from those issues, themselves derived from the Star Trek Fact Files I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the material has received a facelift.
Most obviously all of the blurry pre DVD screencaps have been replaced by crisp HD ones from the remastered edition of TNG Some of the diagrams have also been enhanced or revised, and a few bits of newer content produced as part of the Star Trek Official Starships Collection was added Models of the Enterprise lifeboats and Sphinx workpods appear for the first time in print to my knowledge hopefully this means they ll appear in the Starships Collection eventually as well The overall layout and formatting of the book is also very well do The Star Trek The Next Generation The U.
S Enterprise NCC 1701 D Illustrated Handbook is a beautiful book I loved the illustrations and the amount of detail that went into it The book derives it s information from STAR TREK Fact Files that were part of STAR TREK The Magazine I never collected or read the magazine, so this book serves me well The book covers a lot of information, and while it isn t incredibly detailed on an engineering level, it serves it s purpose well as an illustrated guide in my opinion I love that this book covers just about everything from Nacelle operation, to ship uniforms, the Captain s yacht, to all of the tools used by away teams, to sub space relays, etc There s a lot of information to absorb and learn about how the Enterprise D functions operates.
With regards to the publisher s use of the so called Big Red Sticker , it s very easy to take o

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Star Trek The Next Generation: The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D Illustrated Handbook (Star Trek Illustrated Handbooks) book, this is one of the most wanted Ben Robinson author readers around the world.