[ Pdf Viual Basic 6. Buisiness Objects ↠´ jeune-adulte-historique-fiction PDF ] by Rockford Lhotka ç royalfm.pro

[ Pdf Viual Basic 6. Buisiness Objects ↠´ jeune-adulte-historique-fiction PDF ] by Rockford Lhotka ç Book By Lhotka Rockford Lhotka Lhotka Rocky Must agree with the other reviewers a worthwhile read and well worth buying A definitive must read for beginners or anybody with sloppy coding habits The way he structures the different layers of his N tier application also makes lotssense than some of the other books I have read.
Criticism against this book methods proposed in the book include Some of the code parent child relationships are unfriendly to programmers, users of your UI and ASP pages The implementation of the business tier is somewhat functional in nature Yip, I can do a Load and get the state back, but sometimes I actually want the object, not the state I have build a code generator which implements a lot of the concepts from this book in a somewhat revised way, and I can quickly and easily develop a working CRUD application based on good con What a great book The title should actually be, I Can t Believe I Was Able To Program Anything Without Using Class Modules This book is really about back end programming It s about writing a DLL that abstracts what you want to do from the nuts and bolts work of actually doing it And the best thing about it is that the components you write are COM compliant so they can be used with basically any language specifically I ve used them with ASP and ColdFusion.
Imagine writing an ASP page like this to update someone s salary % set objStaff server.
createobject MyCompany.
StaffMember objStaff.
beginedit objStaff.
load 10 objStaff.
Salary 60000 objStaff.
applyedit set objStaff nothing % Notice that there s no database code, no business logic, no MTS Great is not enough Wrox did it again If you want to do n tier architecture, don t go further except if you want to get the Professional Visual Basic 6 Distributed Objects from the same author.
You can get into areal life programming examples with this book and ALL exemples are very well explained It gets you in every twist there is to do good OOP with Visual Basic 6.
For beginner s to intermediate programmers, you might have some difficulties BUT it s written well enought where you can follow anyway For experienced programmers, you will probably learn new twists.
A must.
Plain English Business object design, implementation and deployment WITHOUT THE MISCROSOFT MUMBLE JUMBLE AND HIPE Mumble jumble MS explanations described and detailed with the authors insights explained in easily understandable terms NOT a re hash of what the heck does this mean terms that MS loves to use to clould rather simple concepts If Lhotka were a tech writer for MS, there d be no need for MS Tech support hmmmHighly recommeded