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[ Pdf Beginning Visual Basic .NET Databases » livres-sur-livres PDF ] by Denise Gosnell ✓ Since this book has 3 authors, it would be interesting to know who wrote what parts Some parts are very good, with understandable examples and clear explanations Other parts I just scratched my head and wondered.
It s not that I didn t understand what they were doing, it s that I wondered why they were doing it It seems they went out of their way to make parts of the code complex and confusing.
The main program developed in the book, the Product Management System, took 4 chapters It could have been a great example of a simple program that taught the main points of database programming.
However, parts of the code was poorly designed and written, resulting in the program being overly complex and not functioning like a professional program should.
I feel that if you are teaching someone, you should show them the right way to do it As a b Book By Denise Gosnell Matthew Reynolds Bill Forgey The Authors are excellent writers and I like their approach to the material It is very structured, logical and effective presentation I also like this book because it didn t contain a lot of the useless filler Wrox books tend to have As for linking to MS Access I think they provided sufficient explanation for us to know how to modify a connection string and use MS Access instead of MSDE I was able to do both Also, I was confused sometimes were code segments came from, but thats happened only when I tried to skim If you read code snippets in context you know exactly where code should go.

This book had a lack of examples.
Poor presentation.
The little snippets of code it used to navigate throughthe book were very dificult to grasp since there are noexample to demonstrate that they work.
I have been thru just under a dozen.
net books This isone of the worst alongside ithe vb.
net unleashed book.
It was very easy to give up reading this book since you alwayswonder if the code you type is ever going to work oris that the reason why some of the the code was not downloadable This is a great book, but it is definitely helpful if you already have some VB.
NET knowledge as suggested by the publisher prior to starting this book I did not, and so some of the examples were hard for me to follow no fault of the authors I like the hands on examples in this book They are basic but relevant to the real world I got a lot out of this book despite my inexperience with VB.
NET It gives you a broad intro to several facets of.
NET including web services which look very interesting I think my experience with the book would have been excellent if I would have beenprepared I have now back tracked to fill in some of the basic knowledge I needed I now believe I could forge ahead with some basic database projects in VB.
NET using this book as a reference I would certainly buy it again and I m sure I ll use it as a reference for some time to come Get some

En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre Beginning Visual Basic .NET Databases , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Denise Gosnell auteurs dans le monde.