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[Hans U Gerber] ↠´ Life Insurance Mathematics [spiritualisme PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ This book is highly recommended for those who are interested in life insurance and superannuation models It outlines various topics such as the actuarial mathematics and models for use in the analysis and actuarial management of life insurance and superannuation contracts Topics covered include the main forms of life insurance and annuity contracts, disability and long term care contracts and superannuation fund benefits actuarial notation and the life table moments of the value of the benefit payments Thiele s differential equation for policy values stochastic modelling of claims and benefit payments gross premiums, net premiums, policy values and reserves allowing for expenses and inflation use of discounted emerging costs and profit tests ass Rare Book Life Insurance Mathematics is not a bad introductory book for student actuaries This is a well set out, reasonably well explained book that covers the basic areas of this topic, including compound interest mathematics life tables insurance and annuity functions premium and reserve calculations multiple decrements and multiple life functions.
The biggest problem with this book, is that it s just not detailed enough At only 217 pages, the author barely has time to cover all of the topics that I just mentioned I teach a unit in Life Insurance Mathematics and the things that my students are always asking for are examples and exercises There are no worked examples in this text at all although there are is reasonably large number of exercises, with solutions, in one of the appendices Further, this book only

I personally use this book in my teaching practice for many years Perfect example of very good textbook.
The ink is faded throughout the book I don t know why I didn t review this earlier Sorry.