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[Howard A Addison] ↠´ The Enneagram and Kabbalah (2nd Edition): Reading Your Soul [unfinished PDF] Read Online ô good book An Updated And Expanded Examination Into The Groundbreaking Exploration And Connection Of Two Of The Most Powerful Mystical TraditionsPatterns In Our Lives May Escape Us Reasons For Our Behavior Often Confuse Us To Help Us Better Understand The Interplay Of These Dynamics, Rabbi Howard A Addison Combines Two Of The Most Powerful Maps Of Consciousness Known To Humanity The Tree Of Life The Sefirot From The Jewish Mystical Tradition Of Kabbalah, And The Nine Pointed Enneagram That Was Developed Over Several Generations By Mystics Of Several Spiritual TraditionsIndividually, Each Offers Guidance And Wisdom Together, They Show The Forces That Propel Us And Shape Our Personalities And Behavior Most Important, The Two Suggest How We Can Live Harmoniously With Ourselves And With Others, Minimize Friction And Tension And Discover Our Own Spiritual Gateway To GodIn This Updated And Expanded Edition Of His Pioneering Book, Rabbi Addison Explores New Understandings Of The Stages And Pitfalls We Experience Along Life S Journey And The Ways We Can Transcend The Limits Of Our Personalities In Search Of Greater Wholeness He Shows That, When Brought Together, The Enneagram And Kabbalah May Enhance Understanding Of Humanity S Deepest Motivations Both Individually And Collectively Thus Opening Wider The Gate To Personal Growth Far detail than his other Enneagram Kabbalah book Cast in God s Image , with emphasis on the Kabbalah end of things Most helpful if you already know your Enneagram Type s , and have an interest in Jewish ideas and practices Has specific practices for each Type Sephira, as well as general practices which will take you progressively through all the Types Sephirot.
this is one of my favorite books on the enneagram as a long time student of the enneagram i continue my discussion on the topic through an online discussion group so many of the topics we discuss are very clearly laid out, and organized in this book, making it an excellent reference resourse the rabbi has combined a very complete over view with fresh archtypes from the kabbalah for expansion of the characterizations of type this is also one of my favorite books to get for friends that i am introducing to the enneagram, because it is so comprehensive and easy to understand.

Let me offer the opinion of a person who is familiar with the elementary concepts of Kabbalah and for whom Enneagram is a new topic.
Rabbi Addison has done an excellent job presenting the fundamental principles of Enneagram and identifying parrallels and connections between constructs from Enneagram and Kabbalistic concepts The presented information can be very helpful in self understanding and understanding those other people whom we know intimately When the presentation turns to suggestions for personal development based on the knowledge of one s personality type, however, Rabbi Addison only quotes excerpts from the works of Rabbi Moshe Chaim Cordovero, without adding insights or opinions of his own, and that is why I am taking one asterisk away.
Nevertheless, I would genuinely recommend this book to anybody who s eye the book has caught To have maximum Interesting shift of view Appreciate the illuminating perspective Creative and intelligent.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Enneagram and Kabbalah (2nd Edition): Reading Your Soul book, this is one of the most wanted Howard A Addison author readers around the world.