☆ Excel VBA 24-Hour Trainer 1st (first) Edition by Urtis, Tom published by Wrox (2011) á Download by Ö Royalfm.pro

☆ Excel VBA 24-Hour Trainer 1st (first) Edition by Urtis, Tom published by Wrox (2011) á Download by Ö I bought this book thinking that it would give me a good lessontype approach to learn VBA but it's not like that so I rate it one star.
If you're a programmer already you would probably feel otherwise.
Easy to follow stepbystep directions.
Does not get much into advanced topics but it should suffice for most as a refresher.
However, the quality of printing/typesetting could use some improvement as most of the figures look washed out and there is no printing contrast in the code examples.
If this issue were not present, I would have given a 5star rating.
So, 5stars to the author but less star for publisher/printer quality.
Very helpful Despite being used it was in great condition.
I'm grateful that I was able to find an outdated edition on a great discount.
Much appreciated! only plain english book i've found

I bought this book to try to switch some of my data crunching from Python back to Excel, and learn a bit more "Macrofu".
This book is great, and it made the learning curve quite flat.
The examples are pretty good and easy to follow, however they are overcommented, making the actual code difficult to decipher in places.
I would recommend this for anyone who is looking for a quick introduction to VBA for Excel, and who already has a pretty good understanding of the underlying Excel functions.
I am hardly far enough along to give a real review of the book itself although I do find that it is fairly well written and useful.
On the other hand I can't say so much for the publisher.
Wrox is the publisher and is a Wiley company and they do not respond to errata reports other than saying they have been closed.
There are very clear instructions in the book on how to submit errata reports and why they are important to other readers but sadly they are ignored by Wrox.
I have reported 3 easily verifiable errors in verbiage in December 2014 with all being closed and not posted to the errata page.
One of the errors is wrong in the step by step instructions but is correct on the next page where the completed code is shown and another that states you can see how to in the following example but there is no example.
originalreviewcontent"> Good material.
This book does not have good application examples.

Filled with what the commands can do but insufficient in application examples.

Need an engineer to write VBA Excel because the other disciplines do not have the higher engineering mathematical application which Excel is meant for.

Certainly not meant for the reader who dont like book keeping!

En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre Excel VBA 24-Hour Trainer 1st (first) Edition by Urtis, Tom published by Wrox (2011) , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés auteurs dans le monde.